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Funeral Costs

At Tranquility Funerals, our caring and professional team are here to help and guide you through this difficult time, by your side, every step of the way. We are here to listen, create and deliver the funeral that you require for your loved one.

Our aim is to take the pressure of arrangements from you at such a vulnerable time, whilst ensuring that you are fully included and kept up to date throughout. We understand that arranging a funeral can bring financial worries to some families, Tranquility are proud to keep their pricing clear, honest and affordable. 

Our years of experience and genuine compassion ensure that respect and dignity is foremost in all our work, we are open and transparent.

The CMA (Competition and Mergers Authority) require ALL funeral directors to make available a standard price list in order that members of the public can compare like for like prices.  This price list can be seen below, for clarification on any points, please contact us directly.

Our standard price is not for a reduced or limited service, it does not restrict you from adding additional services, such as limousines, alternative coffin or having press notices arranged.  We will never “upsell” (ie suggest you spend more than you wish to or are comfortable with) although we will make our full range of services available to all families. 

While some costs may be settled after the funeral, we ask that third party disbursement costs are paid prior to the funeral along with a proportion of our own charges (£1500). Please note, Direct Services must be paid in full prior to the funeral date.

Payment can be made to us by card, cheque, or bank transfer. It is often possible for the whole funeral account to be presented to the deceased’s bank who can pay it directly to us if funds allow. 

We can give general advice regarding Social Security Scotland claims, however each case is considered by the Social Security Scotland individually.  

More information can be found on their website.

Some of our additional services

Below is a list of some of our most frequently requested optional extras.

Including but not limited to;

Coffin Upgrades from £245

Floral Tributes from £95

Newspaper Obituaries from £165

Newspaper Acknowledgements from £95

Bespoke Designed Order of Service from £2 per booklet (Minimum 20 copies)

Limousine Hire from £300

Local Third Party Costs

Dumfries and Galloway Council Burial Grounds

The current interment charges are:

  • Adult (resident) – £971
  • Adult (non-resident) – £1,256
  • Child (under 16) – £0
  • Stillborn / Pregnancy Loss – £0
  • Casket (resident) – £238
  • Casket (non-resident) – £358

There is a 50% surcharge for interments on Saturday and a 100% surcharge for interments on a Sunday or Bank Holiday.

More Information can be found on their website

Dumfries Crematorium (Roucan Loch)

The current charges are:

  • Cremation 18 years and over (9am-3pm) – £999
  • Reduced Fee – Direct Cremation – 18 years and over (9 or 9.15am Tues – Thurs only) Strictly no attendance/no music – £595
  • Cremation (4pm Mon-Thurs only) – £1099
  • Ashes interred in communal garden of peace (unattended) – £70

More Information can be found on their website