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Monumental Masonry


Tranquility Funerals can offer a range of bespoke memorials and masonry services that will allow you to honour the memory of your loved one. We serve customers in Dumfries and the surrounding areas.

When you feel it is time to choose a lasting memorial for your loved one, we are here to guide you through. The memorial should be undoubtedly as individual for the person that it honours.

Each memorial, from a simple tablet to the most elaborate headstone and kerb enclosure receives individual and caring attention. Every memorial is special, and should be treated as such.

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Memorials may take many forms and here are some details that should be considered when making your choice.

Each churchyard or cemetery has its own individual regulations regarding the size, materials and inscriptions of memorials, which must be adhered to.

A memorial would need to withstand all kinds of weather conditions for many years, be of strong and durable material, take a permanent carved inscription and possibly additional ones in the future. It should harmonise with the environment of the churchyard or cemetery.

  • Granite is the most durable of material from which a memorial can be made because of its ageless qualities. It can be polished, smooth or honed.
  • White marble does weather after many years but can be easily cleaned.
  • Natural stone is more porous and therefore weathers more quickly.

Tranquility are always available to advise you about local authority requirements and deal with the necessary procedures to obtain approval from the relevant church or cemetery councils.

From design to delivery we aim to provide unparalleled quality, service and value at a competitive price.

Additional Services we can provide;

  • New headstones and memorials.
  • Cleaning and renovation.
  • Additional inscriptions.
  • Levelling.

Our experienced staff are here to help you, with simple but elegant memorial or a stately family tribute, please contact us for more information.