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Our Coffins

Choosing a coffin or casket can be a very emotional decision to make. Allow Tranquility Funerals to guide you sensitively, ensuring that you are confident in your choice.  We invite you to view our range and we can talk you through the options available.  

We will assist you in every way so that you will feel reassured that you have made the right decision for your loved one.

Explore a small selection of carefully crafted coffins and caskets that are available for both burial and cremation. Choose from different wood and veneer finishes, as well as those that are environmentally friendly.

Or you can contact us to find out more about our full range.

The Haig

This is our economy coffin.

 This coffin is most suited for our Direct Cremations.



The Grouse

This is our elm foil coffin, finished in gloss with a flat lid and sides. 

Fitted with complimentary brass effect furniture.

Basic coffin, suitable for both Cremation or Burial.

The Dalmore

A superior oak veneer coffin, finished in gloss with a raised lid and pressed sides. 

Fitted with complimentary brass effect furniture.

The Dalwhinnie

An oval coffin woven from natural willow of light brown and beige hues.

This coffin comes with woven material handles, and is fitted with a natural cotton lining and matching frill.

The Jura

Exquisite coffin, hand made to the very highest specification from solid oak  timbers.

The Jura is triple moulded with a deep raised lid and six routed panels; it is polished to a mid sheen.

Fitted with complimentary brass effect furniture and completed with a luxurious satin suite and pillow.

The Glenfiddich

Picture coffins are manufactured using bio-degradable materials, with images printed on to paper which is wrapped and bonded onto the coffin.

You can choose from a range of designs, for families who want to capture a loved one’s personality, passions and pastimes in a truly unique way.

Images are for illustration purposes only

Alternative coffins and caskets are available on request.

Please note: If a larger than average coffin is necessary or additional structural reinforcements are required, additional charges may apply: for collection from place of death, coffin prices, pall bearer charges, preparation for chapel of rest, and disbursement costs including crematorium and cemetery costs and grave digger’s fees.