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Urns and Scatter Tubes

Scatter Tubes

Scatter tubes provide an easy way for family members and close friends to scatter the ashes of a loved one after a cremation ceremony at a place of their choosing. Made to ensure the ease of scattering, our scatter tubes are available in a  range of designs & sizes. 

Made predominantly from cardboard, our urns are eco-friendly and the material can be recycled if you wish.

Ashes Caskets

Our Heartwood ash caskets are superbly constructed and finished to an exceptional standard.

They may be made from Solid Oak, Mahogany or Paulowina, which is light weight, sustainable and fast growing alternative to Oak and come complete with an engraved name plaque.

Double ash caskets are also available.

Other Forms of Memorial

You can memorialise a loved one’s legacy or memory in other ways as well. Jewellery, online memorials, memorial trees, bushes, or plants, benches or plaques in favourite places. Some people arrange events as commemorations or at anniversaries. 

To get prices or explore options, please contact us.